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Rocket for Instagram Tweak

Roket for Instagram Tweak Infos, Repos, Supported iOS and its Features.

Tweak Information:

Tweak Name :Rocket for Instagram
Tweak Version:v.3.7.8
Supported iOS:iOS 14.0.1 and below
Repository: BigBoss
Last Page Update:24th of Oct 20

Page Update log:

  • 26th of September 20 ~ posted.

What Rocket for Instagram does?

  • 24th, Oct. ~ Updated, reported to support iOS 14.0.1

Rocket for Instagram is a powerful Jailbreak tweak that adds new functionality to the official Instagram app, and allow customization. Indeed, this tweak is packed up with so many useful features and will make your user experience way better.

Rocket for Instagram Features:

  • Save any video or picture from instagram.
  • Download Stories and IGTV videos.
  • Show full user’s profile picture
  • Share images with iPhone/iPad apps. 
  • Manually mark stories as seen
  • View stories without being marked as seen.
  • Confirm liking instagram posts.
  • View direct images without notifying the sende

How to install Rocket for Instagram Tweak.

What you need to know before installing a tweak is, the tweak name and its repository. If the repository is an external one, you’ll need to add it first, then search for the tweak and install it.

Step 1: Add External Repository. Skip step 1.

  • Lunch Cydia, and wait for all packages to load up.
  • Click on “Sources” from the down menu bar.
  • Click on “Edit“, and then “Add“.
  • Type the Repository inside the text box and click on “Add to Cydia“.
  • Once it’s done click on “Return to Cydia“.
Add External Cydai Repo "Source"
Add External Cydai Repo “Source”

Step 2: Install the tweak:

  • After you Jailbreak you will have Cydia icon on your iPhone/iPads’ homescreen.
  •  Lunch Cydia, go to “Search” from the down menu bar, search for the “Rocket for Instagram“.
  • Click on “Install” from the top, and installing process will start.
  • After it finishes installing the tweak, click on “Restart SpringBoard

Install Cydia Tweaks.

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