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ReProvision Tweak Infos, Repos, Supported iOS and its Features.

Tweak Information:

Tweak Name : ReProvision
Tweak Version: v.0.5.2~EOL
Supported iOS: iOS 14.0 and below
Price: Free
Last Page Update: 25th of September 20

Page Update log:

  • 25th of September 20 ~ posted.

What ReProvision does?

RePovision is an essential Jailbreak tweak for auto-resigning IPA’s certificates. likewise AltStore, but Reprovision doesn’t use computer to resign apps’ certificate. As a matter of fact, It’s a very important tweak for those who use Unc0ver Jailbreak.

ReProvision Features:

  • Auto-resign applications’ certificates.
  • Modren GUI design.
  • Jailbreak app will keep working without reinstalling it every 7 days.
  • No need for a computer.

How to install ReProvision Tweak.

What you need to know before installing a tweak is, the tweak name and its repository. If the repository is an external one, you’ll need to add it first, then search for the tweak and install it.

Step 1: Add External Repository.

  • Lunch Cydia, and wait for all packages to load up.
  • Click on “Sources” from the down menu bar.
  • Click on “Edit“, and then “Add“.
  • Type the Repository inside the text box and click on “Add to Cydia“.
  • Once it’s done click on “Return to Cydia“.
Add External Cydai Repo "Source"
Add External Cydai Repo “Source”

Step 2: Install ReProvision:


  • After you Jailbreak you will have Cydia icon on your iPhone/iPads’ homescreen.
  •  Lunch Cydia, go to “Search” from the down menu bar, search for the “ReProvision“.
  • Click on “Install” from the top, and installing process will start.
  • After it finishes installing the tweak, click on “Restart SpringBoard

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