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iOS 14.0 Compatible Tweaks list

Install Compatible Jailbreak tweaks for the new iOS 14.0

In this article, I’m going to list iOS 14.0 compatible tweaks, how to install them and how to add external sources.

iOS 14.0 update comes with many features like widgets support, little call bar, and more access to privacy settings. Most of these features are inspired from Jailbreak tweaks, many users have been using them for years.

Two days ago, Checkra1n updated their Jailbreak to initially support iOS 14.0 for A8x-A9(x) iPhones and iPads. Although It was the fastest jailbreak release for a major iOS update, but actually a few can Jailbreak!

As a matter of fact, most of developers don’t happen to own jailbreak-able devices which will cause most of the tweaks not to work. Unfortunately, developers need to update their tweaks to support iOS 14.0. So, we got to wait to get all tweaks working with iOS 14.0 until the next Checkra1n update.

For now, some developers updated their tweaks to support iOS 14.0, here’s a list of iOS 14.0 compatible tweaks.


iOS 14.0 compatible tweaks list.

Click on the tweak name to know what it does and its features.

Tweak Name Repository Price
tweakCompatible BigBoss Free
AlarmVolume BigBoss Free
 Artworkify Free
AdvancedStatusTime BigBoss 0.99$
Aperturize 0.99$
AppStore++ Free
AutoTooth Free
CallRecordere X+ 2.99$
BarMoji Free
BeGreen Free
CircleSettings SparkDev Free
CCSupport Free
CCModules Pro 2.50$
CCMusicArtwork SparkDev Free
ColorBanner3 1.50$
ColorFlow 5 1.99$
Complications 1.99$
Cr4shed Free
CopyLog 2.49$
DarkAlertsPls Chariz Free
DeleteForever BigBoss Free
Dim BigBoss Free
DismissProgress BigBoss Free
DlEasy 1.99$
Dockify BigBoss Free
EasyEditAlarm Free
FacebookDarkMode 0.99$
Filza File Manger BigBoss Free
FiveIcondock Free
Flame BigBoss Free
FluidTaps Free
Gesturesi11 BigBoss Free
GoodWifi Free
HideLables13 Free
iCleaner BigBoss Free
Installed Free
Instagram++ Free
JellyFish Dynastic 1.99$
LowPowerLock Free
Little11 Free
NewTerm 2 Free
NtSpeed Free
NudeKeys BigBoss Free
ohMyFlash Free
PullToRespring BigBoss Free
Quart 2.49$
ReProvision Free
RealCC BigBoss Free
Rhino BigBoss Free
RocketBootStrap Free
Snapper 2 3.00$
SnowBoard SparkDev Free
Selector Free
SwipeForMore BigBoss Free
SOSRespring Free
Shuffle Free
TikTok God Free
 TinyBanners 2 1.99$
Titan Chariz 1.99$
UnlockSound BigBoss Free
Wallpaper Loader Free
Youtube Tools Free
iOS 14.0 Cydia’s Tweaks

Before Installing Tweaks.

In this tutorial, we are going to use Cydia as packages installer. So before proceeding with this, you can here read a 101 tutorial on Cydia and Jailbreak.

Also, you need to be Jailbroken, if you haven’t installed jailbreak yet, here’s a tutorial.

Before installing tweaks, if you are new to Jailbreaking and you don’t know how to install Cydia tweaks, here is how to do it.

How to Install Cydia Tweaks.

  • After you Jailbreak you will have Cydia icon on your iPhone/iPads’ homescreen. 
  •  Lunch Cydia, go to “Search” from the down menu bar, search for the “Tweak Name“. 
  • Click on “Install” from the top, and installing process will start.
  • After it finishes installing the tweak, click on “Restart SpringBoard“.
Install Cydia Tweaks

If you haven’t find the tweak in Cydia, that means it’s from an external repository, so you will have to add it first and then install the tweak from it.

How to Add an External Repository.

  • Lunch Cydia, and wait for all packages to load up.
  • Click on “Sources” from the down menu bar.
  • Click on “Edit“, and then “Add“.
  • Type the Repo inside the text box and click on “Add to Cydia“.
  • Once it’s done click on “Return to Cydia“.
Add external Cydia Repository

Important links before starting.



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