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Install Cydia Tweaks and add Cydia Repos Guide.

How to Install Jailbreak tweaks using Cydia packages installer.

Install Cydia Tweaks can be tricky to new Jailbreak users. As it’s their first time to Jailbreak, they may get confused.The process itself is easy and straightforward as installing apps from the AppStore. So here is a brief about Cydia, how you can install cydia tweaks and cydia repos.

What is Cydia?

Cydia packages installer is the AppStore for jailbroken devices. Users uses it as a packages manger as you can install/remove tweaks through it.

Saurik initially released Cydia in 2008 with the first Jailbreak ever. As Cydia is a GUI to install packages on Jailbroken devices.

Before proceeding with this tutorial you should Jailbreak your iPhone, to know more about Jailbreak and how to Jailbreak, read this article.

Before Installing Tweaks.

After Jailbreaking, users start searching for Cydia tweaks to make their iOS user experience better. These tweaks are found in repositories. Although that Cydia comes with original repos, sometimes you have to add external ones before installing tweaks.

Install Cydia Tweaks.

What you need to is to know is the tweak name and its repositories. If the repositories is an external one, you need to add it first, then search for the tweak and install it.

Add External Repository.

  • Lunch Cydia, and wait for all packages to load up.
  • Click on “Sources” from the down menu bar.
  • Click on “Edit“, and then “Add“.
  • Type the Repo inside the text box and click on “Add to Cydia“.
  • Once it’s done click on “Return to Cydia“.
Add Repos "Sources" to Cydia
Add Repos “Sources” to Cydia

Install Cydia Tweaks.

  • After you Jailbreak you will have Cydia icon on your iPhone/iPads’ homescreen. 
  •  Lunch Cydia, go to “Search” from the down menu bar, search for the “Tweak Name“. 
  • Click on “Install” from the top, and installing process will start.
  • After it finishes installing the tweak, click on “Restart SpringBoard“.

    Install Cydia Tweaks
    Install Cydia Tweaks


To Uninstall Cydia Tweaks and repos, read this article. 




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