What is Jailbreak?

iOS Jailbreak is a process through which you can get more access to iPhone/iPad root files, upon this access you can modify many things in iOS, and install tweaks that make using the iOS device easier.

Is Jailbreak Safe?

it simply won’t break your iPhone security, as long as you are installing Cydia tweaks from trusted sources and developers. So yes, to get a secure Jailbroken device avoid pirated tweaks and buy them from their official developers.

Do I need Jailbreak in 2020?

It depends on your usage, with old iOS versions for example, if you were going to use the iPhone outside the U.S., it was essential to jailbreak iPhone to get its SIM card and most of its features working. Nowadays iOS can stand alone, and you don’t really need Jailbreak to make things work, but you may need it to add new useful features to the current iOS version to make your iPhone suitable for your usage.

Does Jailbreak void warranty?

No. Actually there is no way to know if the iPhone/iPad was Jailbroken after iOS restore through iTunes, even if your iPhone is jailbroken and you want to replace it or fix anything in it without restoring the iPhone, it’s totally ok, But make sure not to mention that you jailbroke it to avoid troubles.

Can Jailbreak Break my iPhone?

I have been using Jailbroken iPhones for the past 7 years, since iOS 7,  and my first Jailbroken iPhone is still working till this day. On the other hand it can break your iOS firmware, but this can be fixed with restoring the iPhone through iTunes easily. If you are going to Jail-break your iPhone make sure to back it up regularly.

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